Yeshan Sarees Earth

We're thrilled to introduce a heartfelt initiative close to our hearts – Yeshan Sarees Earth!

What is Yeshan Sarees Earth?

Yeshan Sarees Earth offers you a chance to save on your purchases while also contributing to a greener planet! Here's how: we're collecting old sarees, whether they're from Yeshan Sarees or not, and repurposing them into packaging bags. Depending on the type of fabric you send, we'll provide you with a discount coupon for your next purchase!

By participating, you're:

• Reducing fabric waste from reaching landfills
• Conserving resources by upcycling sarees into packaging or accessories
• Joining hands with fellow Yeshan Sarees enthusiasts to tread lightly on our planet

How can you get involved?

Step 1

Gather sarees you no longer use. Ensure they're at least 5.5 meters in length. Pack them and send them to the following address: Yeshan Sarees, Lot 2.67.00 Level 2 , Pavilion Bukit Jalil Persiaran Jalil Utama, Bandar Bukit Jalil, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Contact number: +60-123944981

Step 2

Upon receiving your sarees, we'll assess the fabric and email you a discount coupon accordingly. We'll also follow up via phone to process your coupon. Coupon amounts: Synthetic sarees: RM20 Organic cotton / linen sarees: RM30 Pure silk sarees: RM80

Step 3

We'll repurpose your sarees into Accessories or packaging bags, spreading Yeshan Sarees love to enthusiasts worldwide! You can redeem your coupon on the

Please note:
• Discount coupons are valid for online purchases only
• Senders do not retain ownership of the sarees sent to Yeshan Sarees
• Coupons are valid for one year from the generation date
• Sarees must be at least 5.5 meters in length, defects accepted
• Shipping charges are the customer's responsibility
Join us in making a positive impact on our planet while enjoying savings on your favorite Yeshan Sarees products!

Consciously yours,
Yeshan Sarees